2022 Summer- Local MN Fun Dive Schedule

It’s the Land of 10,000 Lakes and our 2022 and our local dive season is in full swing!!  Whether you have been diving locally for years or if freshwater exploration is new to you, our fun dives are about community and supporting each other!  There are many great dive sites in Minnesota!   Come out and share in the fun!  See you at the lakes!

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June 25 – Lake Wazee 

July 9 – Lake Ore-Be-Gone

July 23 – Lake Wazee

July 30 – Crosby/Cuyuna

August 20 – Scuba Palooza, Lake Ore-Be-Gone

August 27 – Crosby/Cuyuna

September 18, 19, 20 – North Shore Weekend Excursion $425 per person(max 6 people)

Fun dives are $20 lead by an Aquaventure divemaster or instructor.  The day will consist of two dives  and includes lunch and drinks.  These dives are designed to give divers a glimpse into the beautiful recreational diving that Minnesota Lakes offer.  Max dive depth will be 60 feet.

Need rental gear?  Aquaventure has rental scuba systems available.  You will receive 50% off your rental when joining our fund dives!  PLEASE NOTE:  rental systems are first come first serve basis.  No refunds or transfers!  Thanks!

Rental Gear Price List