DUI Blue Heat Field Notes

blueheat-systemSeveral years ago when I first heard about Diving Unlimited International (DUI) working on making an electric suit, I was pretty excited! I thought about those long days teaching out at the lakes with back to back classes or those seemingly long safety stops in the Great Lakes in 40 degree water and how much more enjoyable it would be.

Flash forward a few years and the Blue Heat has arrived. It’s an electric heated suit that goes under your drysuit. The suit features 4 heated pads in the torso and even has optional wire routing for their electric heated gloves and sox.

Many D.U.I. Drysuit owners have already tried the Blue Heat system on one of the DUI Demo Tours. But testing the system out in the middle of summer on a quick 20 minute demo dive is one thing… Doing it in water that is 1 degree away from becoming solid is another.

I wanted to put this system to an extreme test. I took the Blue Heat to Crobsy, MN in the middle of one of our coldest winters and took it under 2 feet of ice.

blueheat-controllerThe Blue Heat preformed great and lived up to it’s name. It was very warm on theblueheat controller highest setting. I could see this suit being a great option getting ready and suiting up even on very warm days. Wearing very minimal undergarments you could easily avoid sweating while gearing up and hauling your gear to the waters edge.

My only real complaint was on really sunny days, it was hard to read the little LED control display letting me know what setting it was on. The battery pack is a little bulky but once you’re in the water you can’t even tell it’s there. Overall the suit comfortable and warm. I really enjoyed the suit and would highly recommend the suit to our local divers! Watch the video below to see the Blue Heat in action.