secret weapon for macro

Secret Weapon for Macro Video!

Macro Video with Olympus TG-5 Let’s face it, watching professionally shot underwater video can capture our imagination almost as much as being there on the dive. Many of the videos we see are wide angle videos filmed with GoPro and DSLR cameras and they do a great job at this. Unfortunately due to size and other camera limitations, they do not offer the versatility and ease of use for shooting macro videos.

So what’s another option that eliminates these barriers? Well let me introduce you to our “Secret Weapon for Macro Video” – the Olympus TG-5!

Macro Video with the TG-5

The Olympus TG-5 is a small point-n-shoot cameras that excels on the macro side of things! It offers hands down the best macro in the industry with its “Microscope mode” allowing the user to photograph or video the tiniest of subjects without an additional wet mount macro lens. Its size makes it much easier to hold still while shooting macro video compared to the larger DSLR systems.

The Olympus TG-5 also offers four custom white balance banks which allows the shooter to get all the beautiful color in their videos (although most macro video looks best when shot with a small video light). The beauty of this system is its small size, inexpensive price point, and professional results that compete with systems costing thousands more!

In the short video below, all clips were shot with the following equipment:

  • Olympus TG-5 ($449)
  • Olympus PT-058 housing ($299)
  • Kraken Hydra WSR + video light ($189)