TDI Sidemount

You may find sidemount diving is more comfortable in and out of the water.

The TDI Sidemount Diver Course offered by Aquaventure Dive & Photo is an ideal specialty for any diver wishing to use this increasingly popular equipment configuration; either as a stand-alone course or in conjunction with one of TDI’s other open circuit technical specialties such as Decompression Procedures, Extended Range, Trimix, Advanced Trimix, and Advanced Wreck.

Sidemount diving is not just for technical divers. Although the configuration was developed for cave and wreck penetration, there are benefits for recreational divers. If you have back problems, standing upright on a boat or dive platform with a sidemount setup distributes the weight along your spine so there is not as much strain on your back. For some, the configuration is more streamlined when swimming in the water.

Course Fee

$349 per person, plus the $25 TDI certification processing fee.

Required Equipment

You’ll need your own technical or recreational sidemount gear. Equipment tends to present a unique challenge/opportunity. Teh Aquaventure staff is available to discuss options to manage the requirements with prospective students.


  • Certified Open Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization.
  • Be 18 years old.