tiger sharks of beta lagoon

Tiger Sharks of Beqa Lagoon

tiger shark 1If you have been a certified diver for a while you’ve probably been on a shark dive or two. Whether you’re a fan of them or not, they are undeniebly exhilarating and exciting! There are many destinations that offer shark dive/shark feeds; however, none of them are like “The Cathedral” in Beqa Lagoon, Fiji!! The interactions here are unlike anywhere else in the world! Tiger sharks, tiger sharks, and more tiger sharks! They just might be the most beautiful fish in the ocean. The way the sunlight dances off their stripes while they slowly move through the water is simply majestic!

“The Cathedral”

“The Cathedral” (a 70′ dive) is a relatively new dive site that was developed in the past few years as Beqa Lagoon Resort’s own “shark dive” site. They previously did their shark dives just outside Pacific Harbor at “The Bistro”. The Cathedral not only offers a ton of bull sharks but also white tip, black tip, reef, grey reef, lemon, and nurse sharks! All in abundance. This is one of the fishiest dives we’ve ever encountered where you may even spot a Goliath Grouper hanging out! But the main attraction here are the tiger sharks. Aaron, Beqa Lagoon’s dive shop manager, says they have had up to 13 tigers on one dive (which ended up being a very short dive!)! Our experience brought us three tigers ranging from 10′-15′ in length which was plenty for tiger 2everyone. These tigers come face to face with everyone to say hi and have their photo taken. If you’re a fan of sharks and shark dives, this is a MUST DO!

  • What? – Tiger shark diving
  • Who can go?- Any certified diver
  • Where? – Beqa Lagoon, Fiji
  • Why should I do this? – Because it’s AMAZING!!
  • When is the best time to go? – Year round but April – November has the most tigers.