Two Bit – Fun Dive

Sunday, June 25th

Two Bit Dive Site in Huntington Mine Pit

Cost $15 – Call us to sign up! 763-424-8717

Rental gear available for half price!

Two BitYou can see and play with a foosball table, see rail road ties as remnant from mining, and plenty of fish. For the more adventurous there is a crater at 90′ from a mining truck falling off a cliff. While the truck has been removed, the hole may be considered fun to see. This dive site is hot, hot, hot fully in the sun. Bring shade & plenty of water.  The entrance is a bit tricky, moderate watching of the step as we will be going around remnants right near the entry point. There is light boat traffic, so make sure to bring your dive flag.

There is enough to see for those who want to bring 2 tanks. Aquaventure will offer a light snack and bottled water.

Meeting Point and Time: Meet at 11:00am at Dairy Queen in Crosby.

Accessibility: Roadway is okay for cars of at least the size of a Ford Focus / Nissan Maxima.   If you have a Prius – Carpool!