Class Schedule

If the listed dates or times do not work for you, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs!

Ensure you contact Aquaventure to register for all programs in advance.

  • Snorkel Lessons – Scheduled on Saturdays & Sundays
  • Discover Scuba Experience – Scheduled on Saturdays & Sundays
  • Scuba Review (ReActivate) – Scheduled on Saturdays & Sundays

Open Water (Part 1 – Classroom & Pool)

Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)April 7-8Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)April 14-15Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)April 21-22Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)April 28-29Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)May 5-6Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)May 12-13Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)May19-20Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)June 2-3Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)June 30-July 1Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)July 14-15Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)July 28-29Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)August 11-12Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure
Open Water Diver (Classroom & Pool)August 25-26Sat/Sun8:30amAquaventure

Open Water (Part 2 – Check Out Dives)

Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)May 26-27Sat/Sun9:00amSquare lake
Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)June 9-10Sat/Sun9:00amSquare lake
Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)June 23-24Sat/Sun9:00amCrosby
Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)July 7-8Sat/Sun9:00amCrosby
Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)July 21-22Sat/Sun9:00amSquare lake
Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)August 4-5Sat/Sun9:00amWazee
Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)September 1-2Sat/Sun9:00amSquare Lake
Open Water Diver (Check Out Dives)September 15-16Sat/Sun9:00amCrosby

Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water DiverJune 22-23Sat/SunTBDCrosby
Advanced Open Water DiverJuly 7-8Sat/SunTBDCrosby
Advanced Open Water DiverAugust 4-5Sat/SunTBDWazee
Advanced Open Water DiverSeptember 14-15Sat/SunTBDCrosby

Specialty Courses

Digital Underwater Photography Workshop
"Creative Lighting"
TBDTuesday6:00 pmAquaventure
Equipment SpecialtyMay 22Tuesday6:00 p.m.Aquaventure
GoPro ClassTBDTuesday6:00 p.m.Aquaventure

Rescue Diver & EFR Classes

EFR/CPRJune 13Tuesday6:00 p.m.Aquaventure
Rescue DiverJune 26-28Tuesday6:00PMAquaventure

Nitrox & Tech Classes

PADI NitroxMay 15Tuesday6:00pmAquaventure
PADI NitroxJune 25Monday6:00pmAquaventure
PADI NitroxJuly 17Tuesday6:00pmAquaventure

PADI Professional Classes

PADI DivemasterMay 30
PADI EFR InstructorCallCallCallAquaventure
PADI IDCCallCallCallAquaventure

Kid’s Seal Team Missions

Kid's Seal Team SessionDateTimeLocation
Aquamission - SpecialtyTBD6:00 pm to 7:30 pmAquaventure
Aquamissions #1-5TBD6:00 pm to 8:30 pmAquaventure


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