Scuba Equipment Service

Our expert staff at Aquaventure Dive & Photo Center is certified to work on the following brands

  • U.S. Divers / Aqualung
  • Scubapro
  • Atomic
  • Sea Quest
  • Apeks
  • Sherwood
  • Mares
  • Tusa
  • Cressi
  • Genesis
  • Zeagle

Start Here

To help us expedite the service you need, please download, print and fill out our Equipment Repair Form. This form should be brought with you when you drop off your equipment.

authorized-serviceWith our long history of quality regulator service we can tackle most any job, including regulators not listed here. We will even work on mail order regulators that do not carry factory warranties. Customers must provide proof of purchase in-store to validate warranty.

All prices are for labor of standard cleaning – adjusting – testing. Parts or equipment that has extensive corrosion or neglect is subject to extra charge.

Standard service time is one to two weeks. Peak travel and spring pre-dive season may add extra delay. Rush Service is available.

Regulators, Gauges & Dive Computers

Pricing listed does not include replacement parts or parts kits that may be required during the service process.

ServiceLabor Charge
Regulator / 1st & 2nd stages$55
Regulator with oil filled environmental seal / primary 2nd$69
Octopus Alternate 2nd$19
Alternate Inflator – Air II Octo+, Air Source, etc.$24
BCD internal rinse, condition and leak test. Includes chemical rinse$20
Power inflator cleaning$25
Computer Battery Change (Battery and o-ring not included)$15
Suunto "D" Series Battery Change (D4, D4i, D6, D6i, D9)$40
Pressure Gauge Service$25
Ultrasonic Cleaning of Heavy CorrosionAdd $12
Rush Service (24hr turn around)Add $30
Rush Service (48hr-72hr turn around)Add $20

Valve & Cylinder Service

Pricing listed does not include replacement parts or parts kits – unless listed – that may be required during the service process. Gas fills are not included in pricing.

ServiceLabor Charge
Visual Inspection Cylinder – with o-ring thread valve$15
Visual Inspection Cylinder – with pipe thread valveWe Do Not Service
Hydrostatic Testing$30
Internal Shot Blast$25
Cylinder Brush Out$16
K Valve service$25
K Valve Parts Kit - Includes stem, seal and nut$30
J Valve service$45
Burst Disc Upgrade - Includes plug, disc and washer$15
Cylinder EANx cleaning$30
K Valve EANx cleaning - Includes O-rings$25
Dual Valve EANx - Includes O-rings$50
Dual Cylinder Assembly - Includes leak test manifold$50

BCD Service

Pricing listed does not include replacement parts or parts kits that may be required during the service process. For safe second stages incorporated into the BCD inflator, see regulator pricing above.

Service Labor Charge
BCD Annual Testing including Rinse$20
Mares/Dacor HUBCall
Aqualung i3 BCD$44

Dry Suit Repair

We specialize in many name brand suits and a variety of suit materials. From watersports, ski and scuba dry suits we can mend your suit. From wrist cuff seal, neck seals, hoods, boots, zippers we repair most brands of dive and ski dry suits. Special alterations available upon request.

Labor charges for removal and replacement of wrist and neck seals start between $95 and $110 plus the cost of the seals.