Aquaventure Pool Rental

On-Site Scuba Training Pool

Aquaventure Scuba & Travel has an on-site custom training pool to provide customers with convenient access to training and pool tune-ups. Whenever our pool is not occupied with classes, you can stop by for a pool tune-up or just blow some bubbles and relax! Pool time can be reserved for groups, birthday parties and other special events. We have the finest rental equipment available if you do not own your gear.

Customers who have purchased major scuba items from Aquaventure may try their new purchase in our pool at Aquaventure Scuba & Travel free of charge!

Travelers who join Aquaventure on our scuba trips also receive complimentary pool tune-ups.

Aquaventure on-site training pool

Tuesdays are Open Pool Day!

Tuesday’s "Open Pool" Hours: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Scuba Tune-up (self-guided) with your equipment is $25 per diver (includes tanks and weights)
  • Scuba Tune-up (self-guided) with Aquaventure’s equipment is $35 per diver (Includes BCD, regulator, computer, tank, and weights)

Pool Rental

  • Private Pool Lock-Out (Photo sessions, private practice etc. – pool all to yourself) $75 per hr (weekdays only) $400 for full-day lock-out (11 am to 6:00 pm) $50 per hr will be charged if additional hours are required in addition to the lock-out rate.
  • Snorkel Divers who wish to practice in our pool: $20 per person

All scuba divers must be certified, and we require that you show proof of certification. Remember to bring your certification card.

Waivers and medical releases are required for all participants.