Gas Fills & Rental Gear

Gas Fills and Rental Gear AvailableWhether your needs are simple or complex, Aquaventure Dive & Photo Center can rent you the gear you need and take care of all of your gas fills. Pure air, and enriched air nitrox fills are available.

Our air is certified y TRI Air Testing Laboratories and exceeds the requirement CGA G7.1 Grade E.  All our compressed air is oxygen compatible!

WARNING!  Aquaventure will not fill any cylinders made from 6531 aluminum! 

We choose to comply with the majority of dive shops across the country and not fill these old cylinders (29 + years old) due to their history of SCL (Sustained Load Cracking) or rupturing.   Although these cases have been rare, they have resulted in serious injury and death.  With that said, these cylinders have not been recalled or condemned by the DOT.  Aquaventure just chooses to err on the side of safety.  Thanks for your understanding and valuing your safety as well as the safety of our employees!  Below is a list of tanks we will not fill:

  • All Luxfer 80 cu. ft. scuba tanks made prior to January 1988
  • All Luxfer 30 and 63 cu. ft. scuba tanks made prior to May 1988
  • All Luxfer 40 cu. ft. scuba tanks made prior to June 1988
  • All other scuba tanks made in the USA prior to February 1990 (except Catalina)

Gas Fills

Gas DescriptionPrice (subject to change without notice)
Air Fill - BCA$20 (includes O-ring change/set)
Air Fill - Standard$8
Air Fill - High Pressure$10
Air Fill - Paintball or Air Gun$8
Air Fill - Boost for Air Gun$10
Air Fills - Fill Card (10 Fills)$70
Enriched Air Nitrox - Pre-Mix 32%$10
Enriched Air Nitrox - Custom $1 per cubic foot
CCR Oxygen 10 to 23 cubic foot HP$20
Enriched Air Nitrox - Fill Card (10 Fills)$90
Tri-Mix - HeliumNA
Tri-Mix - Stage Bail-out (Max 40 cubic feet)NA
Tri-Mix - Dual 80s (Max 50%)NA
Tri-Mix - Dual 95s (Max 50%) NA
CCR TriMix 13 to 23 cubic feet HPNA

Equipment Rental Rates (There are no refunds or credits for unused tanks or rental gear!)

Tavel Package - BCD/Reg/Octo/Computer$NA$NA$149$1900
Steel 80$15$30$40$350
Aluminum 50$15$30$40$225
Aluminum 80$15$30$40$225
EANx Steel 80$20$35$60$350
EANx Alum. 80$20$35$60$225
7mm Wetsuit$20$30$50$400
BCD (Weight Integrated)$25$40$70$550
Regulator w/octo/computer$35$55$105$1,150
Deluxe Pkg – BCD/Reg/Alt Air/Comp/7mm Suit/Hood/Gloves$75$95$180$2,700
Wrist Computer$15$25$65$250
Dive Computer (console)$20$35$75$725
Mask & Snorkel$20$25$30$90
Full Foot/Barefoot Fins$10$15$35$95
Open Heel Fins$20$30$50$180
UW Compass$10$15$25$80
Weights W/Belt (includes two of each 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#)$10$15$20$5 per lb.
Ankle Weights$5$10$20$35