Gas Fills & Rental Gear

Gas Fills and Rental Gear AvailableWhether your needs are simple or complex, Aquaventure Dive & Photo Center can rent you the gear you need and take care of all of your gas fills. Pure air, enriched air nitrox, tri-mix and Argon fills are available.

For tri-mix or custom blends, we suggest you contact us and bring your tanks to the dive center well in advance of your dives.

Taking a continuing education or specialty course with Aquaventure? Rentals are half-price* during the course.

* Special offers can not be combined.

Our air is certified y TRI Air Testing Laboratories and exceeds the requirement CGA G7.1 Grade E.  All our compressed air is oxygen compatible!

Gas Fills

Gas DescriptionPrice
Air Fill - BCA$20 (includes O-ring change/set)
Air Fill - Standard$7
Air Fill - High Pressure$10
Air Fill - Paintball or Air Gun$5
Air Fill - Boost for Air Gun$10
Air Fills - Fill Card (10 Fills)$60
Enriched Air Nitrox - Pre-Mix 32%$9
Enriched Air Nitrox - Custom 22% to 60%.35 per cubic foot
Enriched Air Nitrox - Custom 61% to 79%.45 per cubic foot
Enriched Air Nitrox - Custom 80% to 100%.60 per cubic foot
CCR Oxygen 10 to 23 cubic foot HP$15
Enriched Air Nitrox - Fill Card (10 Fills)$80
Tri-Mix - Helium$1 per cubic foot
Tri-Mix - Stage Bail-out (Max 40 cubic feet)$35
Tri-Mix - Dual 80s (Max 50%)$90
Tri-Mix - Dual 95s (Max 50%) $100
CCR TriMix 13 to 23 cubic feet HP$25
Argon - 6 cubic feet$9.50
Argon - 8 cubic feet$12.50
Argon - 13 cubic feet$16

Equipment Rental Rates

EquipmentDailyWeekendWeeklyDamage Deposit
Steel 95$15$20$40$360
Aluminum 50$10$15$30$130
Aluminum 80$10$20$40$170
EANx Steel 95$24$30$60$360
EANx Steel 80$19$26$52$287
EANx Alum. 80$16$20$40$177
7mm Wetsuit$15$20$40$400
BCD (Weight Integrated)$15$25$50$720
Snorkel Vest$7$12$25$50
Regulator w/octo/computer$25$48$96$1,150
BCD/Reg/Alt Air/Computer$60$80$125$2,700
Deluxe Pkg – BCD/Reg/Alt Air/Comp/7mm Suit/Hood/Gloves$75$95$180$2,700
Wrist Computer$19$35$70$725
Mask & Snorkel$10$15$25$80
Snorkel Fins$5$7$10$30
Strap Heel Fins$10$15$25$150