Top 10 Reasons for Group Dive Travel

top 10 reasons for group dive travel

Have you ever wondered if Group Dive Travel is for you? Maybe you have some preconceived notions that prevent you from taking a trip with a bunch of “strangers”!  Just know that you aren’t alone! We know it can feel risky!  

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Tiger Sharks of Beqa Lagoon

tiger sharks of beta lagoon

There are many destinations that offer shark dive/shark feeds however, none of them are like “The Cathedral” in Beqa Lagoon Fiji!! The interactions here are unlike anywhere else in the world! Tiger sharks, tiger sharks, and more tiger sharks!  

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Black Water Diving

black water diving

Do you want to try something different on your next dive trip?  Or maybe you’re a photographer that wants to photograph something you have never seen before?  How about trying “Black Water” diving?

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