Madeira Shipwreck – Fun Dive

Saturday, July 8th

Madeira Shipwreck, Lake Superior

Cost $15 – Call us to sign up! 763-424-8717

Rental gear available for half price!

Artists drawing of wreck site; MHS/SHPO Collections

A great way to get introduced to shipwreck diving!

The remains of the Madeira lie broken and scattered in several large sections and numerous small pieces around Gold Rock cliff, immediately north of Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior. Water visibility varies from 20 to 60 feet in both shallow and deeper areas of the site. Water depths range from 15 to over 100 feet. Madeira’s wreckage covers a varied topography. A boulder-strewn slope begins at the base of Gold Rock cliff in approximately 10 feet of water, ending at varying depths where the bottom is composed of gently sloping sand.

For more info on the Madeira – click here

There is enough to see for those who want to bring 2 tanks. Aquaventure will offer a light snack and bottled water.

Meeting Point and Time: Meet at 11:00am at Split Rock Lighthouse.

Accessibility: Easy parking however, dive gear needs to be carried down path to the lake.

Two Bit – Fun Dive

Sunday, June 25th

Two Bit Dive Site in Huntington Mine Pit

Cost $15 – Call us to sign up! 763-424-8717

Rental gear available for half price!

Two BitYou can see and play with a foosball table, see rail road ties as remnant from mining, and plenty of fish. For the more adventurous there is a crater at 90′ from a mining truck falling off a cliff. While the truck has been removed, the hole may be considered fun to see. This dive site is hot, hot, hot fully in the sun. Bring shade & plenty of water.  The entrance is a bit tricky, moderate watching of the step as we will be going around remnants right near the entry point. There is light boat traffic, so make sure to bring your dive flag.

There is enough to see for those who want to bring 2 tanks. Aquaventure will offer a light snack and bottled water.

Meeting Point and Time: Meet at 11:00am at Dairy Queen in Crosby.

Accessibility: Roadway is okay for cars of at least the size of a Ford Focus / Nissan Maxima.   If you have a Prius – Carpool!

South Alstead Fun Dive

Sunday, June 11th – Afternoon Dive 

A classic dive at South Alstead Dive Site in Alstead mine pit.

Cost – $15

Rental gear available for half price!  Call to sign up 763-424-8717


A dive site with easy access and many, many dive options. small mouth bass
Options include a loop around the bay, where there are fish and standing trees to see, or a longer swim and path around the island – or even a wall dive! After the first dive, Aquaventure will grill-out for dinner. Bring your lights because after we BBQ, we will head in for South Alstead’s fantastic night dive! The underwater road is easy to see and it’s a constant home to a wide variety of northern fish. This night dive is perfect for first-timers as it stays at a nice depth of 20 feet with a casual ramp in and out, and has enough night life to keep the most seasoned diver entertained. The best game to play is who can see the biggest fish? This is a FANTASTIC dive site.

You can even help build a dive site with Saralyn on this dive!

Meeting Point and Time: Meet at 11:00 am at Dairy Queen in Crosby.

Accessibility: The site is easy access, with lots of room. Even an electric car stands a chance of making it back there.

2017 Summer Fun Dive Schedule

The summer dive season is here!  Time to dust off your gear and hit the lakes!  There are many great dive sites in Minnesota!  Here’s your chance to check some out with us!

May 27-28 – Square Lake, Stillwater, MN – FreeCrosby

June 10-11 – Lake Louise, Crosby, MN – Free

June 11 – South Alstead, Crosby, MN – $15 – click here for details

June 24-25 – Square Lake, Stillwater, MN – Free

June 25 – Two Bit, Crosby, MN – $15 – click here for details

July 1-2 – Lake Louise, Crosby, MN – Free

July 8 – Madeira Shipwreck, North Shore – $15 – click here for details3053376_orig[1]

July 15-16 – Square Lake, Stillwater, MN – Free

July 29-30 – Square Lake, Stillwater, MN – Free

August 5-6 – Lake Wazee, Black River Falls, WI – Free

August 19-20 – Scuba Palooza, Lake Ore-be-gone, Gilbert, MN

Most of our fun dive are free of charge.  We will be out at the lake teaching classes and hanging out.    Fun dives that have a $15 charge are dives that will be lead by an Aquaventure divemaster or instructor.  These dives will include snacks and are designed to show divers dive sites they may not have dove before.

Scuba Palooza is our annual summer dive festival that includes a weekend of fun activities!  For more info on Scuba Palooza click here.  To sign up for our fun dives please call us 763-424-8717.

Need rental gear?  Aquaventure has rental scuba systems available for all weekends.  However, these system get rented quickly so please call and reserve early!  Half price gear rentals are available for South Alstead, Two Bit, and Madeira Shipwreck weekends ONLY!

Rental Gear Price List